Q. What are the features of your LMS?

A. Courses, Quizes, Dashboard, E-Kit Download, Flashcards, Video Library, Glossary Activity, Certificate Download

Q. What courses does your LMS offer?

A. PMP SPC (PMP Self-paced Program), ACP, MSP, PMP, PGMP, PFMP

Q. Can I earn PDUs through your LMS to maintain PMI Certifications?

A. Yes, you can earn PDUs through the courses offered in LMS which allows you to maintain PMI Certifications.

Q. Does your LMS host multimedia content?

A. Yes, you can have access to the course videos.

Q. How many PDUs can I get through PMP On-Demand course?

A. You get 35 PDUs.

Q. How many hours is the PMP On-Demand course?

A. 35 Hours

Q. Is the PMP SPC (PMP Self-paced Program) a PMI Authorized course?

A. Yes

Q. Does your LMS offer the Mock Tests?

A. Yes, the LMS offers you the mock test.

Q. How many attempts of mock test can I take?

A. One attempt

Q. What are Flash Cards?

A. A module providing a memorizing helper activity.

Q. What is Glossary activity?

A. Glossary module is a repository of data in the form of concepts, Entry->Definitions, etc.

Q. How many hours of video content is available on your LMS?


Q. How do you monitor 35 hours of my activity on the course?

A. Through the activity log